Electric Motors

Electric Motors


Electric motors are devices used tom convert electrical energy into mechanical energy. RPM offers high quality electric motors (Wide range including ATEX, Hazardous area certified) for major manufacturing industries.

Electric motors are designed by combining the best available materials with superior technology to provide you the highest efficiency level and a low cost of ownership throughout life time.

Electric motors can be powered by either Direct Current (DC) or Alternating Current (AC)

We supply from major global brands like ABB, Siemens, Brook Crompton, Weg etc

How do I select an electric motor?

Not all applications lend themselves to the use of a three-phase synchronous motor; whilst size efficient for its power, the motor above would be far too large, for example, to drive a DVD player. Further, three phase supply would not be ideal for a domestic (or most commercial) situations; so, application is an important consideration in determining size and voltage supply.

The power (via torque) required from the motor is a vital consideration; what are the dynamic considerations of the application – the load, acceleration/deceleration and distances to be moved radially or laterally?

Also important is the stability of rotational speed; is the motor required to run at a constant speed, even at low revolutions?

Finally, environmental conditions will be a consideration – what is the operating temperature and is water or dust likely to be a problem? Will the motor be operating in an explosive environment and require an ATEX rating?

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